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Welcome to Creative Visions


For 25 years, Creative Visions has been developing amazing animatronic characters, displays and special effects for

theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, haunted attractions, escape rooms & amusement centers around the world.

Whether you are a seasoned theme park operator, or a start-up restaurant that wants to make their establishment stand out in the crowd, we

can create something special just for you.  Much of what we create is customized, but we also have many standard products that can be purchased

here, on the site.  This new site brings together all our products, so whether you are a haunted house needing fake fire, or a theme park needing
animatronics and effects for a dark ride, we have solutions for you!
What we do is a beautiful match of art and science.  We pride ourselves on budget management, putting more of your money into the finished project.
If it doesn't improve quality or make production more efficient, we don't buy it...and our prices are lower because of this.

We continue to push the boundaries, developing new technologies to help create some of the world's most amazing creations.
So come on in, wander around and check out all the cool stuff we do.



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